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Get to know about the Latest Trends in Sarees Lehengas and Suits for Sangeet

The wedding season is just round the corner and an inevitable part of any Indian wedding is the sangeet where the girls get to do a lot of rituals and make themselves look downright adorable. Now if you have a long list of wedding invitations ahead, then there is no way in which you will not like to deck yourself up. And in order to do the same in the perfect manner, all you have to do is to read up this article so that you can have the trendiest ones of the lot and then you can wear them to look like a perfect diva.

Trends in Sarees
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  • Go for the bling- In case of a sari, you must have the bling factor that will bring out the elegance in you. For example, if you are wearing a black saree, then you have to make sure that it has light blingy sequins attached to the same so that you can look downright gorgeous. But, do make sure that it is not stuffed with blingy elements; otherwise, it might look over the top.

  • Choose sari colour according to your skin tone- Most women do the blunder of choosing Sarees that look good, and not according to whether it would suit them or not. If you have a fair skin, you should b going for any colour, but for the dull skinned ones, choose colours close to beige that would flatter your skin tone and give out the look that you desire to have.

Salwar suits
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Now it is a tough decision to find out what kind of suit you will have. This is because of the reason that now there are various options to choose from and you can pick any one. Since that might leave you in a bit of quandary, all you have to do is to choose the suit according to your body type. If you are lean, then Anarkalis will be the best ones for you, and if you are curvy then long kurtis teamed with patiyala will definitely help you to flaunt off your curvaceous beauty. Nowadays you get to have a lot of branded suits that are belong to the bridal collections, so you can choose from there itself. And if possible go for the shades of Vermillion so that you can have the wedding tint in your dressing as well.

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In cases of weddings, lehengas are a part and parcel of the wardrobe and sangeet is the best time to wear the same. Now if you are looking for the perfect kind of lehengas, then you have to go for the velvet ones since it is the trend now. Go for the shades like maroon and pink as they will suit you and you can team up your accessories in a better manner. Some of the lehengas have short cholis and are perfect for the small waisted ones- but if you are scared to show too much of your skin, then you should go for the ones that have their top right up to the waist and the skirt goes thereafter. Even in the case of the lehenga cholis, you have to be specific about the colour that you are going to opt for- since it is important for you to look good on a sangeet. Also, make sure that the designs are intricate but not stuffed so that you can have a picture-perfect look.

Now all you have to do is to shop for the thing that you want to hear on the sangeet ceremony so that you can turn heads at the event.