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Handloom Industry

Handloom industry is a huge part of Indian economy because of its richness, creativity and diversity. Indian handloom industry showcases the prosperity and flourishing culture and tradition of the country. These handloom products have an exceptional finesse and quality. Designs ranging from traditional to modern, combined with new techniques are the essence of handloom industry. The products of the handlooms are appreciated not only in India but across the globe which is the reason for high export rates from these handlooms, contributing in terms of employment.

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The authentic products that this industry produces are excellent in quality and appearance. Even the raw materials used in handlooms have a high quality. Variety of sarees like Banaras Silk saree, Jamdani cotton saree, Chanderi cotton saree, Kota Doria saree, Kancheepuram silk saree, Chettinad cotton saree etc are some of the popular handloom products. Not only sarees but shawls, dress materials, dhoti and stoles are also quite impressive products. The particular industry benefits the local and small weavers by providing them employment. In order to promote the handloom industry in India, 7th of August 2015 was celebrated as the first Handloom Day.

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The traditional and cultural significance of the handloom industry holds an important place. The industry uses various techniques to produce unique products. From hand operated to automated technology, all the techniques have a different role and outcome. The beautiful products produced by handloom industry can keep you rooted in your culture. This industry might be old but it keeps up with the latest trends of the market and also keeps in view the tastes of the customers. Along with the customers, the sector is also a source of livelihood to millions of people in India. Although western products and clothing is acquiring Indian markets but the handloom industry is positively capable of competing with the new emerging industries. Even in today’s highly competitive market, handloom industry has managed to impress the customers with its exquisite craftsmanship and creativity.