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Indian Bridal Accessories

Marriage is a very sacred bond as per the Indian traditions. For Indian women, it is a highly auspicious day of their lives because from here on they embark on a new journey of life. So for this, some great preparations are made, from flowers to jewelry and from some finger licking food to heart throbbing music, everything is set, just so perfect.  As far as the accessories of Indian brides are considered there are a few essentials-

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  • Makeup- This is one of the most important components of the bridal kit. It is like the spice in a dish which makes it taste good. It has the ability to make you look good or break the look. The brides now a day’s do a trial before finalizing the makeup artist. They don’t generally experiment for this, which is a nice option because you want to look your best for the big day.

  • Purse- This is a must for all the brides. This adds to the elegance and beauty of the attire. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and styles of purses to match your dress. This is essential to fit in the ready to use material convenient for the bride.

  • Footwear- This is a vital accessory for the bride, which should not be overlooked. The wedding day footwear should be essentially comfortable considering the long hours for which one needs to stand. So one needs to be really choosy with the footwear. As far as the other functions are concerned the brides still go on experimenting with the looks, but for the big day, comfortable footwear is highly advisable.

  • Hair accessories- One needs to choose between floral jewelry or the artificial ones. Trying them out once before the big day is a good option with the kind of hairstyle one is planning to put up. Nowadays, there are numerous options available for the short hair brides too, which is quite trending.

  • Hand and feet decoration- This involves a full ceremony, depending on the regional traditions. Few parts of India use Mehendi, whereas the other parts use Altar for decoration, serving the purpose of beauty and prosperity of the bride and groom.

  • Nail polish- French manicure anyone? Yes, it is a very good option for the brides, because you don’t want to have chipped or stained nails. There are numerous ceremonies which can easily damage your nails. So to be on a safer side, Indian brides are opting out for the classic choice. One has an amazing range to choose from, glitter gold, matt finished, traditional red etc. So pick one and save your time.

  • Jewelry-This give a whole new look to the bride and it needs to chosen very carefully. There are numerous options available to choose from. You can either choose the metal that matches your dress or the one that is in contrast to the dress. The important factors which decide the kind of jewelry are; face structure and skin tone of the bride, budget and her personal choice of stones or metal. Just match on the bilgy dress with a subtle piece of jewelry and vice a versa and you are all ready to rock your big day.

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This is a list of all the essential accessories which every bride to be must have to look her best. Remember that the right kind of accessory can enhance your look and take your beauty to another level whereas the wrong kind of accessory can prove to be a disaster, so choose wisely.