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The Indian Fabric Industry

The Indian fabric industry holds an eminent position not only at a national level but globally. It contributes to a great extent to Indian economy. The industry has been playing crucial role in proving the employment status and standard of living of people in the country for a long time. It is responsible for both direct and indirect employment to Indians and many other industries are dependent upon this one fabric industry because the output of this industry acts as a raw material to various other industries. The industry has further diverse categories like cotton textiles, woollen textiles, silk textiles, jute industry, coir industry and many others. These industries are interdependent on each other. For instance the garment industry is completely relies on fabric industry for raw material with which it manufactures garments.

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The Indian Fabric Industry has a huge domestic market and because of its customers in various other countries, this industry has an enormous export potential. The textile industry is growing at a rapid pace with increasing national and foreign investments. The only thing that this industry now requires is a strong and large supply chain. This industry is capable of benefitting both its customers and its employees. Even the government is taking concrete steps to promote the Indian fabric Industry like increasing the budget, advancing subsidies, collaborating with other countries to support it, starting new schemes which can be profitable for textile industry etc.

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The industry seems quite promising for the near future. Many Indian companies are now huge in size and global in range. With the help of good raw material supply and good amount of human and financial investment, the industry will grow and expand further. The role of Fabric industry cannot at all be considered lesser than any other industry. This industry remains a vital part of Indian economy and will contribute even more in the coming years.

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