Paithani Sarees

One of the most eminent forms of Marathi Saree is the Paithani Saree and it is named after the town Paithan in Maharashtra. Earlier on, it used to be worn only in the state of Maharashtra, and even that phenomenon was rare, but now, this sari itself has surfaced as a prominent trend in the field of fashion and is also a symbol of a rich culture. These saris have a specific oblique square pattern with peacock feather designs at the end of the sarees. Also in Paithani sarees, an abundance of intricate designs can be noticed, some in spots and others in stripes.

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The uniqueness of these sarees lay in their weaving pattern- here, not only one, but two separate colours of strings are used for weaving; one lengthwise and the other, widthwise. These Sarees are now not only draped in the Maharashtrian style, but also in some other trendy manner to bring about some other dimensions of the same. The fabric used in making these sarees is one of the most expensive forms of fabric ever used- termed as China Silk and thus it is so lightweight and easy to carry around.

These sarees are not only designed in patterns, but a number of motifs are also put in it to complete the look of grandeur and extravagance in the Sarees. The motifs are generally of flower vines, swans and so on. In some of them, Zaris (metallic yarns) are also imprecated to make the border shiny. In a number of fashion shows and ramp walks, the Paithani saree is gaining a lot of approval and is becoming the new face of Indian traditional dresses. The huge bursts of colour combination of these sarees are alluring and that is what makes these sarees worth buying.