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How To Take Care Of Your Silk Sarees?

Sarees are not only one of the traditional forms of dressing but, are also considered as one of the most beautiful outfits. And when we are particularly talking about sarees, Silk Sarees never go out of style. Whether it is a formal occasion, dinner, kitty party or a wedding night, a lady wearing Silk Saree never loses out on elegance.  No doubt, most of the women like wearing it but, the worry of maintaining it keep a lot of women away from wearing a silk saree.

So, this article will help you maintain a detailed list that you can follow to maintain your Silk Sarees in an effective manner.
How To Store?
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  • You also need to ensure that you keep changing the folds of the saree to improve its lifeline. A strict rule of changing the fold in 3 months should be followed. If your Saree has Zari work then the Zari should be faced inwards so that its shine can be preserved. Each saree should be stored separately and with naphthalene balls, the bugs can be kept away. You can also use neem leaves if you like to do things the greener way.

How To Wash?
  • This is the area where one must pay extra care, as due to negligence one may harm its own Silk Saree.

  • Depending on the nature, a Silk Saree can be washed at home or is recommended for Dry Clean. A plain cold water is usually recommended for washing the Silk Saree at home. Do not use soap on the saree for the first three washes. If you get a stain of tea, coffee or gravy, straight away put it for dryclean or remove the stains with petrol. The true nature of the saree can be protected by washing them with protein shampoo.

  • Never ever twist, or wring your Silk Saree while washing or rinsing. This will make your saree lose out on its sheen and will leave a permanently wrinkled look. This will completely take away the grace of your saree, which you surely don’t want to happen. Drying it in a direct sunlight will take away the shine of your saree. Roll it in a cotton cloth or a clean towel. This will help in better absorption of the water and reduces the chances of wringing your saree.

Dry Cleaning & Stain Removal
  • If you are giving your Silk Saree for dry clean ensure that the person uses petrol and no other alternative chemical. In case you want to take off the nail paint, use acetone to take off from the silk saree. Stains from sweat, blood or food related items can be removed by applying protein shampoo on the affected area. In case of ghee, oil, and butter, use talcum powder on the affected area. Follow it by washing it using a mild detergent in lukewarm water.

  • It is recommended that instead of removing stains yourself, give it for dry cleaning for desired results.

How To Iron?
  • Always use low heat for ironing your silk saree. Do not iron it directly, put a cotton cloth above while ironing. A steam iron is the better option for getting improved finish and creases. It will also save your saree from any harm.

  • With these tips and tricks, now you don’t have to worry about your Kanjeevaram, Mysore silk or Pochampalli sarees for any occasion. The above-mentioned tips are not only useful for just Silk Sarees but, if you follow such steps with your other saree collection then you will be able to maintain your collection in an effective manner.