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Wedding Day Checklist For An Indian Bride

Keep a watch at the tick tock!

One of the most important parts is doing everything timely. Makeup should be started before the dress up. The person or driver who’s supposed to take the bride to the parlor must not be late. Getting to the parlor and starting makeup on time can be beneficial as it reduces the stress and ad-hoc work afterward.


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Take the essentials

Before heading to dress up for the big day, make sure that the bride has been supplied with all the essentials like the lehenga, blouse, sandals. One could possibly not forget to take these things otherwise it can lead to utter time wastage. Also, never forget to have some money in the purse, one may never know when money demand pops out of nowhere, so never forget to take some money!

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Know what you want!

Not knowing what one wants to look like? Well, that sounds stupid. A bride must beforehand know how she wants to be, what makeup will look the best, and what may suit her dress. If possible a catalog or a picture for reference should be taken and shown to the parlor girl so that she knows exactly what you want, and you are satisfied with their work. You should give her instructions beforehand about the looks one want so that you don’t get depressed later on with the fact that it didn’t turn out like your imagination.

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A must Bride-kit!

Well, you never know when can you need a bride kit! It’s just like a First-Aid kit and made only once in a lifetime, yet it’s much more fun and creative to make it. All the essentials a bride may need can be put into it. For instance, the favorite perfume (the one which is loved by the groom, maybe), lipstick shade which can go with the dress, a hand mirror for little touch ups while the ceremony is on, hair pins (lots of them), hairspray to keep the hair intact for the maximum period of time. Also, for some instant energy (which is very much needed by the bride to keep up with the whole wedding thing) some energy bars or energy drinks can be kept.

So, once all this is taken care of, there is hardly anything a bride needs to worry about. Keeping calm through the day because panic leads to confusion and it, in turn, leads to delay of things which one may never want! So, with all this done, a girl is all ready to be a wife.

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