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After wedding Essential wardrobe Needs

Daily Wear

Daily wears of a girl can include a range of clothes from normal kurtas, jeans to leggings and even a saree. Some leggings and a couple of kurtas have never harmed anyone and they can be kept for the daily wear always. Both short and the long ones can do good. Kurtas in light fabrics, embroidery, fun prints can be productive as they go with all types of looks. When you think you have absolutely nothing to wear, an easy kurta can relax your senses anytime.

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The occasional ones

After a wedding, there are numerous occasions when a girl needs to be dressed up all perfectly. There are guests coming and going for a long period of time and one certainly can’t afford to look pale after such a big wedding day. So for such occasions, every Indian wardrobe should have Anarkali in it. The outfit is justified because it can almost go with everything on every occasion, be it a ceremony, a wedding or anything else. Now, apart from Anarkali, there must be some ethnic and elegant sarees. Sarees in India are known to make a girl more beautiful. Some light colored sarees with little embroidery or chikan one or a heavy saree with loads of laces and work can be kept. Every type is needed for different occasions.

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Loads of footwear

It is said that a person first looks at your shoes and then at your face. Well, if that’s true then a girl should have a perfect pair of footwear, failing which all the dress up and makeup can go into vain. A perfectly suited dress with adequately matched footwear makes the look complete. Not all footwear go with all types of Indian wear. You need to have loads of them for different occasions. For instance, charming sandals for sarees, flats for anarkalis and kurtis, high heels for any western wear. However, keeping everything in mind one thing should never be ignored which is, whatever footwear you carry, it should be comfortable enough. Because apparently, walking in an improper way with all the dress and makeup can make one look miserable.

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Extras may include little complementary stuff like a good sewn shawl for the winters which makes one look ethnic, some fun printed scarves, a multicolor dupatta which goes along with every set of suit.

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All kinds of accessories from bracelets to pendants to some heavy sets are needed by an Indian girl after her wedding. Perfectly matched jewelry brings extra charm to the dress up and therefore, it is essential for an Indian girl to have all kinds of jewelry. A small pearl necklace, a soft silver pendant to go with light suits, small earrings, big jhumkas, elegant rings and charming bracelets adds to the beauty of a girl and are loved by everyone.


So, a girl is all set to become the star in her family if she manages to get her wardrobe perfectly placed and knows how to use it to create that perfect impression!

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